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Bisexual Videos

There's a lot of video files on the internet, and we really don't recommend searching for "bisexual videos" unless you either have a lot of time to spare or quite strict censoring software - most of the results aren't intentionally educational.

But we thought it would be good if there were some videos about being bi that reflected our views - so we've started putting together some of our own. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, a selection of which are below:

What Does "Bisexual" Mean?

Kicking off our new "Bisexual Answers" series - here's Marcus explaining what the definition of bisexual we use means. Expect a new one of these shortly!

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Bisexual?

Ted and Carol discuss the ways in which bisexuality can be spotted, and to ponder the question "is everyone bisexual?". This is from back in 2011 and has amassed an amazing 60,000 views!

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