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The International Conference on Bisexuality

The International Conference on Bisexuality, or "ICB" for short, ran every two years. The last was August 2010 in London.


BiCon is the National Bisexual Conference & Convention. Each year it is organised by a different team in a different part of the UK, to enable the widest range of people to attend. BiCon regularly attracts more than 250 people for a weekend packed with activities. BiCon UK


BiReCon is a conference for anyone with an interest in contributing to, or finding out about, current work on bisexuality. The conference aims to bring together academics, professionals, activists, and the bisexual community. It is organised by Bi UK and is held every two years.


BiFests are one-day events for bisexuals and their friends. They are intended to be accessible for people on low incomes and usually focus on newcomers to the UK bisexual movement.

Each regional BiFest has its own website - reachable through this site: BiFest

Bi Community News

BCN is the UK's longest running bisexual journal, established in 1996. It publishes bi-monthly and is widely regarded as essential reading on the UK bi scene. They have an extensive set of back-issues online with many fascinating and detailed articles about bisexuality in the UK, bi history and opinions.

The BCN website, with links to their MySpace pages, LiveJournal and Facebook group is here: Bi Community News

Bis of Colour

A new group set up for bisexual people of colour, which has regular monthly meetings in central London and also nationally organises workshops and information stalls at events like Black Pride, BiFests and BiCon: Bis of Colour


BiUK is a reasearch and activism organisation set up by a number of prominent UK bisexual academics.

They organise an academic conference called "BiReCon", full details of this and their other work is on their site: Bi-UK

UK Bi Events Calendar

An online calendar of UK Bi Events is kept here: BiEvents.Calendar and can be imported into Google Calendar is you use that service. It is worth checking regularly as different groups update their schedules at different times.

Local Groups

There's an excellent listing section at Bi Community News here, including mailing lists. aims to provide a news outlet for bi comment and to act as a publicity resource for bi projects in the UK.

As their invaluable newsfeed is made available to other UK bi organisations, we feature it on this website. The original can be found at:


Biscuit is a magazine for bisexual women. They say "Biscuit appreciates that bisexual women express their sexuality in all sorts of ways much like everyone else! Whether you are in a monogamous civil partnership, part of a four-way poly relationship or footloose and fancy-free, Biscuit is for you. We emphatically fight against the stereotype of all bisexuals wanting more than one partner but we wholeheartedly support those who do, just as we would with people of any other sexuality."


CaBiRet is "an evening of the bisexual variety", a showcase of talent in the bisexual community. it's based in London but in 2017 will be popping up in Leeds. Run by bisexual magician Marcus, the website for CaBiRet is -

Trans Unite

New hub Trans Unite is a volunteer-run not for profit resource for the UK and online based support groups; users can find a local group and even message them directly from the site using the "Contact Group" button.

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