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It's not enough to sit back and wait for recognition - it seems that few people are aware enough about bisexuality to recognise it when they see it or spot bisexuals on a day-to-day basis.

So we think bisexual visibility is vital to combating biphobia and bisexual erasure. We're dedicated to making that happen, and we hope to help YOU to do so too!

We've a selection of bisexual t-shirts available in our online store, and also will be putting up free online copies of our leaflets and posters for you to download and use wherever you like.

The Bisexuality Report

The Bisexuality Report is a new in-depth look at the integration of the B in LGBT. Full Details

Bisexual Identity Card

Based on an idea from "Anything That Moves" magazine, the bisexual id card allows you to shut down the tired old "you're not bisexual" discussion before it really starts! (print 9cm by 5cm for business card size)

Bisexual ID Card - jpg, 24K.

Bi Definition

Some people say we are confused
Some people say we are confused, because they don't understand us
But we're not confused
Or confusing
Some people are only attracted to one gender, and assume everyone else is just like them. That's a mistake - a lot of people may be like that
But not bisexuals!
We're attracted to more than one gender
It doesn't matter how attracted
It doesn't matter how many more genders
It doesn't matter who we've dated
Bisexuality isn't about being indecisive, or cool, or greedy. It's simply this: attraction to more than one gender

Bi Definition - pdf poster, 225K

Straight, Gay or Lying?

Everyone isn't straight, gay or lying. Some of us really are bisexual. We're not being greedy, confused, trendy, immature, or spreading diseases. We aren't insisting there can be only two genders. We aren't half gay and half straight. We're not attracted to everyone and we don't have to have had sex to know we're bi.

While we might have preferences in our attractions we don't rule out people based on their gender. So when we say we're bisexual, we are not lying.

The definition is easy - it's the prejudice that's hard.

Straight, Gay or Lying? - pdf poster, 120K.

Are Bisexuals Confused?

Bisexuality is not about being equally attracted to men and women.
Bisexuality is not about denying we're really gay or straight.
Bisexuality is not irrelevant, or imaginary, or a threat.
Bisexuality is not about being fashionable or trendy.
Bisexuality is neither something new nor outdated.
Bisexuality is not about being greedy or fickle.
Bisexuality is not hard to explain:

Bisexuals aren't confused - people who insist that bisexuality is complicated are confused.

Are Bisexuals Confused? - pdf poster, 412K

Make Your Own?

We love seeing what people come up with to celebrate their bisexual pride. If you want to use the bi pride flag, or just the colours, that's fine - it's not copyrighted.

And if you fancy being a bisexual activist or want to make your own bi posters or leaflets, you could use this logo, we like it:

Triangular Bi Symbol - jpg image, 238K (many thanks to Gina!)