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01 May 2009 - Bisexual Woman Is New Poet Laureate

Carol Ann Duffy is Britain's first female poet Laureate, but not its first lesbian one.

The 53 year old poet and playwright is often quoted as saying "I'm not a lesbian poet, whatever that is".

"If I am a lesbian icon and a role model, that's great, but if it is a word that is used to reduce me, then you have to ask why someone would want to reduce me?"

The Bisexual Index, a UK activism group fighting bisexual invisibility, today called on the UK gay press to report this story accurately, and not reduce bisexuality.

Marcus Morgan, the co-ordinator of the group said "It's quick and easy to recall the phrase 'lesbian laureate' to describe Carol Ann Duffy, but this was coined by her opponents when she was last considered for this prestigious post. Bisexuals exist, we're not mythical and describing us as either "gay" or "lesbian" in headlines is clear bisexual erasure! The LGBT press should applaud with us the appointment of an out-bisexual woman as Poet Laureate."

Britain has a thriving bisexual scene, with groups in most areas of the country and regular events celebrating bisexuality, such as the upcoming BiFest London on May the 16th.