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Bisexuals are everywhere, so we're trying to get our message out as far and wide as we can!

Bisexuals at Prides

Every summer we supply bisexual awareness raising flyers, posters, stickers and other materials (including volunteers when we can) to the bisexual stalls at as many of the UK Prides as we can. In recent yeazrs this has included:

The Bi Stall at Leicester Pride and one of our t-shirts too! (photo by Sanj)

The Bi Stall at Pride London

The Bi Stall at Sheffield Pride (photo by Sharon Langridge)

Our Stall at BiCon's Community Day (photo by BCN)

How about you?

Raising bisexual visibility isn't something we can do alone - we simply don't have enough volunteers! You can help raise it - and not just by downloading some of our leaflets, linking to our website or buying our t-shirts.

The best way to improve bisexual visibility is simply to come out as bisexual.

See our article here: Coming Out for suggestions advice and some links.

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