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Here's how you can reach us - email or post:

By Email:

For speedy bisexual comment on news stories, to request an opinion piece on a specific topic, or to follow up one of our press releases.

If you would like a bisexual speaker to address your event or organisation, we can arrange this. Several of our members provide training for companies and organisations on bisexual awareness, please contact us and we'll put you in touch with one in your area of the UK.

If you have a query that doesn't fit into one of the above pigeonholes, please use this general address. You do not need to email us to ask if you may link here to here. Just go for it, we won't mind. If you want to borrow or adapt what we've written for your own site, please read our copyright statement first.

This is also the email address for organisations wanting to be included on our page of links - please include full details about your organisation and why we should link to you.

We do not offer any kind of matchmaking service, nor can we supply the addresses of any. Try Google!

Other Bi Groups, Events, Publications

If you are interested in attending the UK BiCon, or BiFest, want to subscribe to BiCommunity News or want details of local groups in your area, please see our Links section.

We do endeavour to reply promptly to all communications, but do ask that correspondents are patient - we are all volunteers!

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